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Car Battery FAQ: Replacement and Installation

Car Battery FAQ: Replacement and Installation

A battery is at the heart of a vehicle--if the battery is dead, the car is not going to run. The engine could be in pristine condition, the gas tank could be full, the oil recently changed--it does not matter if the battery isn't working. 


A dead battery can be a major inconvenience, but it has a simple and relatively cheap solution--a new battery. Here are some facts about car battery replacement in Calgary.


The Life of Car Batteries

While car batteries have a finite lifespan, there is no exact timeframe listed for when they are going to stop working properly. Depending on the type of driving being done, a battery will typically last between three and five years. Pushing a battery beyond its lifespan will result in less-than-ideal performance, so manufacturers usually recommend replacement at the five-year mark.


There are three key factors that affect the lifespan of a car battery: time, heat, and vibration. For time, vehicles driven on short trips or parked for long periods of time have batteries that discharge faster and need replaced sooner. For heat, batteries in cooler climates last longer than those in hotter climates. Vibration causes physical breakdown of internal battery parts, so using hold down hardware secures batteries and lengthens their lifespan.


Car Battery Repair


It is sometimes possible to repair car batteries and get more life out of them. This usually occurs when a battery is discharged accidentally instead of due to wear over time. Drivers can jump start a battery or use a charger to put voltage back into a battery. 


In some cases, it is possible to rejuvenate car batteries by topping off their distilled water and acid levels. However, this is only a temporary solution and should only be done with extreme care due to the dangerous and toxic nature of car battery acid. If your battery is going dead, it is best just to replace it.


Car Battery Replacement


There are many options available for car battery replacements, and shopping for one is not difficult. Even though there are a lot of different battery types and brands available, there are many useful guidelines to follow to find a battery that fits your budget. Most vehicles require batteries that cost less than $200 and are easily found at any service centre or auto parts store.


Car Battery Installation


Car battery installation is not as complicated as it might sound. After parking the vehicle and turning it off, pop the hood and detach the negative (black) cable from the battery, then the positive (red) cable. After removing the cables, you will remove the clamps, and this will allow you to remove the battery. 


Now it is time to insert the new battery--first reinstalling the clamps and then connecting the positive/red cable first and the negative/black cable second. After double-checking that all connections are secure, you should close the hood and be able to start the car!


If you are not comfortable performing installation on your own, any service centre or auto parts store will be able to assist. Car batteries are one of the most important parts of a car, but you should not worry when it is time to get a new one.



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