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Calgarys Hardest Working Vehicle

Do You Own Calgary's Hardest Working Vehicle or Know Someone Who Does?

We've all seen those cars that you know should be at a junkyard. Rusty, smoky, smelly, squeaky, creaky, they barely start and then won't stop. Cars that you wouldn't be caught dead in or have to only because you can't afford something better.

Well, Varsity Chrysler and Calgary Flames' Captain Mark Giordano are looking to help.

So, submit a photo and description of your nominee for Calgary's Hardest Working Vehicle and if you are chosen, you get $5000 Cash! Nominate your friends and family too - if they win the $5K, you get $1000 too!

It's that easy.

If you win and don't want to see you car ever again, we'll take it off your hands, sell you a new one at Employee Pricing and let you crush your old car just for fun.

The contest runs from Feb 15th until March 31st, so show us your junker, clunker, jalopy, etc. No purchase necessary. We will pick the winner April 15th.

So Click Here To Enter Now!