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Free Online Credit Check in Calgary

In most cases, your credit score determines the rate of interest you will be paying on your lease or finance. Therefore, it's always smart to check your credit score before you apply for an auto loan. We partner with various banks and loan providers which not only allow us to offer low-interest auto loans but also provide services like free online credit checks. And the best part about this credit check is that it won't hurt your credit score. It will just take about 3 minutes to complete this form and get your Free Credit Score.

This gives you a chance to run a quick credit check on yourself or ask your spouse or any other family member to check their credit situation. And maybe, you might end up saving more on your car payments if you get the next car under your child's or your spouse's/partner's name. Or be more prepared when applying for an auto loan. At Varsity Chrysler Calgary, we offer a number of solutions to help you rebuild your credit or secure a bad credit car loan with more lenient terms and lower interest rates. Contact us for more details.

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