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Used Cars Calgary

Looking for a used car in Calgary can be difficult.

Do you buy privately and go through sites like Kijiji and AutoTrader? Do you buy through a friend? How do you find the right car?

The challenge to buying privately is that you don't know enough about the car you are buying.

When I was 16, I desperately wanted a car and I didn't know a thing about buying one. So I went through the Auto Trader, found one, called on it and set an appointment. When I got there, the car was great. It ran well and the owner seemed very nice. After a test drive, we negotiated and I bought the car. Two weeks later, the transmission went. It was determined that the previous owner knew this and chose to sell the car rather than fixing it.

Next, we found water in the engine oil due to a crack in the engine block. Yay, more problems. The last straw was when upon closing the door, the pin that holds the door broke as the car had previously been in a major accident. It was a great lesson for me that I needed to learn more about cars and how to buy them so I made better decisions in the future.

Fast-forward to the present and cars are infinitely more complicated. You would think that would make car buying even harder, but lucky for you, there is better information out there to help.

At Varsity, every used car undergoes a rigorous inspection from bumper to bumper. From the results of that inspection, we make any repairs and ensure that it is fit for our lot. From there, we review the CarProof report which tells us how many owners the car has had, how it was used and any accidents or other insurance claims against it. CarProof is the only vehicle information company that shows all the Canadian insurance and registration data. Just for comparison, CarFax does not.

Both the CarProof and the vehicle inspection report are available to you on every used vehicle we have. That way you can see everything you need to regarding a vehicle and make a more informed decision. At that point, we can assist with everything from financing to insurance and registration.

So if you are buying a used car in Calgary, buying from Varsity just makes more sense. You know what you are getting with no surprises and you have us standing behind every used car, truck, van and SUV we sell.

If you need financing for a used car, just click here and we can get a pre-approval in place before you even go car-shopping.